About The Company

Saucon Minerals, L.L.C. is a Michigan based company that was established in 2013. The company has offices in Dearborn Michigan and Lake Linden Michigan. The company and its affiliates Saucon Resources, LLC and Lesktech Limited Inc., are committed to the reclamation of valuable materials from, and the restoration of, abandoned mineral mining sites located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The foundation of the company’s business model is built upon the reclamation of valuable minerals and materials and the restoration of the processing sites to a state of natural habitat, transforming them from “industrial wastelands” to “green space”. The company prides itself as, “The Leader in Reclamation of Waste Materials and Restoration of Industrial Wastelands”.

Founders of the company in conjunction with Michigan Technological University, Institute of Materials Processing, have developed a process that extracts magnetite iron ore concentrate and other valuable minerals from iron ore processing tailing ponds. The iron ore tailings were a by-product of iron ore mining and pelletizing processes that once operated in the western region of northern Michigan.