Legacy All Natural Fertilizer

Legacy All Natural Fertilizer is a hydrated sodium calcium alumino-silicate (HSCAS) containing an abundance of minerals and trace elements, which the National Research Council recognizes to be essential for soil re-mineralization. This all-natural, organic soil amendment material returns the necessary minerals and nutrients to the soil producing healthier, stronger, more productive and disease resistant crops and plants.

Current soil management practices in farming, lawn care and gardening have resulted in plant growing conditions seriously deficient in nutrient and micro-nutrient content. Research indicates that soil re-mineralization is an effective natural process that replenishes the nutrients required for healthy plant development, while reducing the need for manufactured chemical supplements.

HSCAS is listed in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 582.2729) as an anti-caking agent, and is recognized as safe by the FDA. Legacy All Natural Fertilizer is 100% natural with no additives, synthetics or fillers. It is odorless, will not burn plants and will not restrict aeration or water penetration. Unlike some products, it is not a manufactured, chemically prepared fertilizer and requires no mixing.

Assays reveal Legacy All Natural Fertilizer contains a broad spectrum of 75 metabolically active minerals and trace elements. Trace elements improve root systems, yields and general plant health in a variety of field crops, by re-mineralizing nutrient-depleted soils.

The Legacy All Natural Fertilizer product is a cost effective method of replacing the natural nutrients that are absorbed from the soil by agricultural crops. The mineral fertilizer product boosts agricultural yields, strengthens plants and allows plant uptake of essential minerals needed by humans and livestock animals.

About Saucon Minerals and Our Process Saucon Minerals, L.L.C., a Michigan-based company established in 2013, is committed to the reclamation of valuable materials from, and the restoration of, abandoned mineral mining sites located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, transforming them from “industrial wastelands” to “green space”.

Founders of the company in conjunction with Michigan Technological University, Institute of Materials Processing, have developed a process that extracts magnetite iron ore concentrate and other valuable minerals from iron ore processing tailing ponds. The iron ore tailings were a by-product of iron ore mining and pelletizing processes that once operated in the western region of northern Michigan. The tailing materials are processed through a series of magnetic separators yielding two distinct products, magnetite iron ore concentrate and an organic fertilizer/ soil re-mineralization product (“Legacy All Natural Fertilizer”) containing valuable micronutrients that are essential for healthy plant growth.

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Legacy All Natural Fertilizer Typical Chemical Analysis

Legacy All Natural Fertilizer Growth Study

Conducted by Michigan Technological University, a research study was completed to test impact of the Legacy All Natural Fertilizer with three common garden crops – peas, beans and carrots. The Legacy plots showed a significant increase in germination rate and average fruit weight compared to control (no Legacy fertilizer) plots.